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Waterton Lakes National Park Webcam!

Welcome to Waterton Lakes National Park’s first live webcam. We are pleased to share this beautiful view with you and hope you will come to see it in person.

The live webcam is set up in the townsite of Waterton with a picturesque view towards the south and the Rocky Mountains. This webcam allows you to view the weather conditions in Waterton in real-time.

Whether you are traveling to Waterton for a hike, event, or to just get away for the weekend, the live webcam will allow all travellers to plan accordingly for the current weather conditions. The Waterton webcam gives viewers a fantastic clear view of the mountain valley and townsite, and truly captures the beauty of Waterton Lakes National Park. The webcam is live 24/7 for all to enjoy.

Events and Activites in Waterton

Triple Crown Logo

The Triple Crown of Waterton consists of three (3) world class hikes which surround the town of Waterton. Competitors will have one (1) summer to complete this challenge and must summit Crypt Lake, Akamina Ridge and the Alderson-Carthew to successfully complete the Triple Crown of Waterton.

Challengers have the option of purchasing hiking packages at the Aspen Village Inn for a hot shower and warm cozy bed in between hikes as well as booking guided hiking tours!

Challengers can sign up for the Triple Crown of Waterton at Pearls Cafe in the Waterton town site, be sure to check out the Glory Board for those who have successfully completed the Triple Crown.

Be sure to check out these 3 world class hikes at besthike.com

Waterton Wildflower Festival

Flower 2

Did you know that Waterton Nation Park is home to over 50% of Alberta’s wildflowers? The Waterton Wildflower Festival was created to celebrate this fact and to help raise awareness surrounding the every growing environmental issues of our ever changing world.

Amidst the Rocky Mountains, Valleys and Forests lies the Wildflowers of Waterton National Park, a true treasure trove of natural beauty and wonder to be enjoyed by all. The festival was created in 2005 and has been going strong ever since.

Flower 1

Waterton’s Wildflower Festival spans 9 days and has a variety of activities including Horseback Riding, Guided Hiking Tours, Workshops and How to’s, as well as over 80 educational courses and events. Photography and Art classes are also available and all courses and activities are led by qualified and talented professionals.

We hope you will come to see one of Canada’s natural wonders and experience the beauty first hand waiting for us in our own backyards.

Waterton Wildflower Festival

Skier 1

Like most of Canada, Waterton Nation Park is blanketed by snow 6 – 8 months out of the year; celebrate this magical time of year with Waterton’s Winterfest. Winterfest is a annual event put on by Parks Canada with the Waterton Chamber of Commerce.

Animal in the Snow

You do not need to look any further then Waterton’s Winterfest for a great winter outdoor adventure. Some activities include Cross Country Skiing, Snow Shoeing, Horse Drawn Carriage Rides, Tobogganing and many more. If winter is not your cup of tea do not fret, there are a wide variety of indoor activities to choose from such as Arts and Crafts, Indoor Pool Parties, A variety of shows and many more.

Skier 2

So whether you want to strap on your skies or cuddle up to a warm fire, there is something for everyone in Waterton this winter. We hope to see by the fire or on the trails!

Waterton Wildlife Weekend

Fawn in the Grass

Waterton National Park is home to a wide variety of wildlife and ecosystems; the Waterton Wildlife Weekend was created in celebration of the diversity and wonder of our furry neighbors. The Waterton Wildlife Weekend takes place every year in September and features a variety of activities and events including: Boat Shore Tours, Art and Photography classes, Guided Hiking Tours and many more.


Visitors are sure to be amazed by the true beauty of Waterton National Park and its inhabitants. From the expert outdoorsmen and the novice weekend warriors, there is truly something for everyone and we hope to see you there!

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